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Rearing children through adolescence is never easy, every parent knows that.But there are families who struggle with this more than others.

Despite the best effort, some teens are just more susceptible to the influences of the wrong crowd. They are easily swayed into bad decision-making, idolized and emulate the wrong role models and subsequently copy the kind of attitude, mindset, and outlook that you don’t want them to have. They pick up the worst habits and get into a cycle of self- defeating behavior with wanton and neglect. And as always, it is up to you to stop him or her spiraling down into a life of failure and disappointment.

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Understanding your teenager

Without doubt our modern world has benefited so much with the accessibility of information. Internet, video games, cell phones, satellite TV—there is so much free exchange of information between people that it’s almost impossible to filter off the harmful ones from the good ones.

According to many experts, these highly effective forms of media which give high visibility to all types of misbehavior is one of the major reasons of the prevalence of troubled teens. There are other problems also, such as the increasing number of youth suffering from mental health issues, and the parents’ lack of information regards to child rearing.