Residential Treatment for Adults with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a very serious mental health disorder. It can result in a person doing harm to themselves as well as to others. This is why there are residential treatment facilities out there for adults that have such a diagnosis. They aren’t facilities to lock them away from society like some people think. Instead, they are facilities where they can get the help they need from well qualified professionals.

What is Schizophrenia?

This particular mental health concern is one that is chronic and it is quite severe in nature. It is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain. Approximately 1% of adults in the United States have it, many though are still undiagnosed. This is because about 40% of people with it don’t realize that they have a problem. That part of the brain function isn’t there for them to use.

As a result of this, the family of an adult with Schizophrenia often have to make the difficult decision to place them into a residential treatment facility. This is done for their own safety. It is also done because it is extremely difficult to adequately take care of a person with such a disorder. Medical professionals may need to make the determination if a person is viewed as being too dangerous for themselves or society.

Who needs Residential Treatment?

Not everyone with Schizophrenia suffers from it to the same degree. The sooner it is diagnosed the better a person will be able to respond to medications for treatment. Outpatient therapy can also be part of that care regiment. Generally, such methods will be used first. However, if they aren’t effective then a residential treatment facility will need to be considered.


What often makes Schizophrenia such a dangerous mental health disorder is that people often have hallucinations. This means that they see or hear things that aren’t around them. As a result of that they can’t determine what is real and what isn’t. These hallucinations though can result in them taking actions that aren’t deemed as being safe.

The medications offered for Schizophrenia are anti psychotics. In a residential treatment facility the administration of them can be carefully monitored. Finding the right drug as well as the amount of it is vital to the return of normal function for the patient. There can be harsh side effects that occur when taking such anti psychotic drugs. This too has to be carefully monitored.

Individual Therapy

In a residential treatment facility for adults with Schizophrenia, there are plenty of types of therapy that take place. First, individual therapy where a counselor and the patient can talk about what is being experienced. The fears and the hallucinations are talked about to help determine the level of ongoing care that will be needed.

As the medications make a change in the brain chemistry, a person with Schizophrenia can start to see what is going on with them. However, that can also open up a river of emotions that they experience as a result of it. For example they may be angry or they may be afraid. They may feel that they are cured so now they don’t need treatment.

Many people are embarrassed as well as very confused when it comes to Schizophrenia. Part of the individual therapy also involves arming them with the right information about the mental health disorder. Then they can be part of the process of finding a treatment that will help them the most.

Group Therapy

This is also important as it offers social interaction for the patients. It will also help them to be able to realize they aren’t alone in what they are experiencing. Since many Schizophrenics don’t see signs in themselves of what the concerns are it is helpful when they can see them in others around them.

How Long is Treatment needed at a Residential Treatment Facility?

Schizophrenia can affect all adults differently, so a specific care plan is designed for each of them. The length of the treatment that is needed will depend on what is going on with the patient. Those that respond well to treatment seem to be able to move through the program at a decent rate of speed.

There is no cure for Schizophrenia and in some cases an adult doesn’t make enough progress to be able to leave the facility. There are some wonderful long term care facilities out there. Others though seem to do very well with the medications and then they are able to return to society. However, they will need to continue their medications and therapy as there is no cure for Schizophrenia.

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