How to find a Christian Marriage Counselor Therapist

It may seem surprising but it is true that some Christian couples experience difficulties in their marriage; after all Christians are human too. But it’s important to understand that you don’t have to be a Christian to visit a Christian marriage counselor.

A Christian marriage counselor is just like any other marriage counselor except they go to church regularly and practice their Christian faith.

So if you are someone who feels the need for help in their marriage, you could well attend a Christian marriage counselor. But how will you find them?

That’s relatively easy. First you could contact your local church. Churches either have a social department which deals with family issues or they will know Christian counselors. It could be as simple as walking into your local church or giving them a call.

The larger churches have counseling departments and dealing with marriage issues is commonplace for them.

One important fact to remember is that because the counselor is a Christian doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right counselor for you. As with all therapy sessions, the client or patient needs to feel comfortable with the counselor. You may be a Christian and so believe that working with a Christian counselor is the perfect fit. And so it may be. But in all situations, you must feel comfortable with your counselor and should do the usual things of finding out about their experience, training and area of expertise before seeking your first consultation.

Church web sites are another source for locating a Christian marriage counselor. This will give you contact information and again it is up to you to discover which counselor is right for you. You can attend sessions as an individual or as a couple.

Every marriage is unique. You may feel things are not going well whereas your partner could be oblivious to your concerns. Talking things over with your partner is a logical step and then, if counseling is considered desirable, you can begin the process.

A Christian marriage counselor will follow the training they received and in many ways be no different from any other marriage counselor. It’s just that you may feel comfortable working with a fellow Christian.

But remember, you don’t have to be a Christian to take counseling from a Christian marriage counselor. Therapy in all forms, including marriage guidance, is very much a personal thing. You are opening up your life, usually to a stranger, and seeking help and advice on major issues in your personal life. Marriage counseling is a serious and important matter.

Finding the right counselor is vital. One of the best sources of selecting your counselor is personal recommendation. Within a church or a circle of friends or associates, you may know of someone who has taken marriage counseling.

If they can highly recommend a, this could save you a lot of time and effort in tracking down the counselor for you. Again, try before you buy so to speak and attend an initial session. If all feels right, you may well have found your Christian marriage counselor.

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